Air filter SYM Fiddle 2

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Suitable for SYM Fiddle 2

An air filter is an essential component of your motorcycle. Its primary role is to achieve safe internal combustion by filtering the air that enters the engine. Here’s what it does:

Filtering Out Impurities: The air filter filters out dirt, grime, and other airborne particles from the air, allowing only clean air to reach the engine. This clean air is crucial for optimum combustion of fuel within the engine.

Smooth Airflow: Just like our nose filters out unwanted particles when we breathe, the air filter ensures that the engine receives smooth and clean airflow. This contributes to the overall performance and efficiency of the motorcycle.

Protection for Engine Components: Without an air filter, your motorcycle’s engine would be exposed to dust and debris. These contaminants could wreak havoc on finely crafted internal parts. For instance:

Piston Rings: Dust particles could cause wear on piston rings.

Pistons: Unfiltered debris might turn pistons into sandpaper against cylinder walls.

Overall Engine Health: Over time, this could lead to engine damage.

Sound and Smoothness: Air filters also play a role in the sound of the engine.


They contribute to the overall smoothness of the motorcycle’s operation.

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